Ask a REALTOR® where they find open house times for Sunday in Greater Boston and they will tell you MLS. While that's great for us, it doesn't help you unless you're already our client. The best way for the average person to learn about real estate is to see houses. Crazy, isn't it? When friends tell us they're interested in buying over the next year or two we'll tell them to do their research, ask questions, and visit as many open houses as possible. A listing agent won't be mad that you're not quite ready to buy, they may try to pick you up as a client, but in no way will you be shunned away. 

To make things simple, I've compiled some sites where you can easily see open houses times with basic searches. 




The images above link directly some of the main real estate information providers in the industry, gathering their data from MLS to bring you all the necessary information (much of which can be found on has an interactive map and basic search page that will give you listing totals and open houses by community. Zillow also utilizes an interactive map. Trulia offers a check box for open house times, and has an advanced search to sift through times as well. Remember that most open house times are uploaded later in the week as agents decide on times and locations to run open houses and then add them to MLS. It then depends on when each of the above sites are synced with MLS data to see information on their site. 

If you have any questions, feel free to ask below or send me an email at Happy House Hunting.