I'm one of those people that watch the Super Bowl and love every single aspect of it. Football is my all time favorite pass time, and I often watch games that don't feature the New England Patriots (when they're not playing of course). I'm a marketer, so I pay attention to every single ad, seeing what creative stunts companies pull for roughly $6 Million per 30 seconds. Last but not least, I am a foodie, and we produced some excellent dishes at the DelRose household yesterday. I'll review these three topics in brief in this unofficial Super Bowl Sunday recap.

I gave us a 10 when it came to food preparations this year. It was excellent. The whole family helped produce our annual tradition of Dallas Chili which features pork, hamburger, and beans. It didn't take too long to prepare as we've had practice since Mike DelRose Sr. started making it in 2001. To accompany the chili we made beef short ribs. They slow cooked in our crock pot for about 9 hours. Here's some advice, you can cook just about anything in the crock pot and have it taste good. But barbequed, boneless beef short ribs that you could cut with a fork were out of this world.

So now that we got the food out of the way. I have to express my sincere disappointment regarding the advertising. As a marketer, I fully expect to be entertained by each and every commercial. I mean why shouldn't I? I know how much companies pay, and the rest of the country does too. We want to be entertained. Yes, the e-Trade baby is always consistent, but when Budweiser fails to deliver you know there are problems. Just because the economy is bad does not mean people can't still be creative. Don't get me wrong, there were a couple of good ones, even a car commercial or two that I enjoyed. But overrall, post-2001 Super Bowl advertising has not been the same as it once was.

Another thing that was sad to be a part of was the entertainment aspect of the big game. When a superstar singer botches our national anthem it has the whole nation cringing and our friends around the world laughing. Just as the players can't afford to make mistakes on the field the people running the show can't either. Now, I am a huge Black Eyed Peas fan, but this modern day hip-hop group does not have the acoustics to be playing in a stadium. Can we please get some Cheeseburger in Paradise next year?

The gameplay itself was sloppy. You can attribute this to injuries, a two week layoff from playing, and nerves. But it was still sloppy. I think it was very entertaining however, and while I wish the ending was just a tad more exciting (thinking of the St. Louis Rams Vs. Tennesee Titans superbowl in 1999), but it was definitely Super Bowl worthy. It's amazing what Green Bay has accomplished with so many players missing the game with injuries. The Steelers as well were suffering but the quality of the game was still there. Every Packers fan I've come across has been a true fan of the game and very loyal to their team so I congratulate them on a great win. Steelers fans will be disappointed however their team has been competitive every year this decade and have a great organization overrall.

So those are my "brief" thoughts on the big game. It's sad that Patriots weren't there this year but the day is exciting none the less and I'm already excited for next year given that there will be a season. Please leave your thoughts on the game below and let us know your feelings.