Well, it's 4:00 pm on Friday afternoon and Mike Sr. & I have no intention of starting our weekend travel on time. Apparently we're do for a hurricane, or tropical storm, or something else involving inclement weather. We're not getting out of the office any earlier either way. The Closet Factory finished up the last of their installations today which all but completes the redecorating excluding a few touch ups and details. But we're moved in so Greater Boston Real Estate can now take a little pride in its new look.

The renovation completes a Summer of change for the team as we have been implementing new looks, new systems, and new ideas into our business. Real Estate can be looked at as a Sales job (which it is of course) but the fact that we provide a service can't be overlooked either. One of our goals was to develop an office with a client-friendly feel where people feel comfortable doing business. When I create a final entry on the renovations I will include pictures to showcase the new suite.

While the economy is still sputtering and we're in a slow time of year as far as sales are concerned, we'd like to take the opportunity to alert our clients that we will be posting somewhere around 2-6 listings over the next couple of months for the fall market so be alert.

We wish you all a relaxing holiday weekend and a reluctant welcome to the Fall season!