It's Friday and that means everyone's excited for a nice relaxing weekend. Not us though, we will be putting on some open houses. The work week never really ends in real estate. But because it's Friday, it's absolutely necessary to scan the web for crazy and interesting news stories. 


A New Way To Charge Cell Phones - Pretty neat if you ask me. They'll be located next to the water fountain in public places soon enough.

Please Rob Me - Not literally, but check it out to make sure you're not sharing too much information online. --> Scary 

Prisoners Abusing Facebook - Everyone is on it these days.

Arrested For Doodling In Class - Yes this actually happened.

A Few Bad Eggs - How Cape Cod is fighting off crows.

D.C. Digging Boston Plows - We have nothing but the best here.

Attemped Watertown Robbery - A failed Watertown Bank Roberry

Dumb Criminal Blog - Always entertaining